Water Utilities 

Severe drought is hugely impactful to the communities and industries you serve. Ensuring continued service during extreme climate events requires implementing comprehensive rate strategies, conservation measures, and risk transfer. Our solutions help utilities manage revenue shortfalls, operating costs, and credit risks through droughts.


Specialty Crops

Irrigated practices that rely on surface water are exposed to a complex web of environmental conditions, water rights, and regulatory intervention. Speciality crops have increased vulnerability due to large water requirements, and traditional coverage options provided by RMA and FCIC selectively exclude geographies already at perceived risk. We help growers develop sustained resilience to drought conditions through comprehensive risk management and transfer strategies.

Power Generation

Water provides energy for hydropower production and cooling for thermal power generation and is susceptible to droughts, floods, early freezes, and thermal discharge limits. Whether you’re an independent power producer or integrated utility, we can provide risk management strategies to offset lost revenues from derates and shutdowns.


Commodity Shipping

The national waterway system provides cost-effective transport for America’s bulk commodities and is an integral component of numerous industrial supply chains. Managing the challenges posed by mother nature through droughts, floods, and freezes is critical to product merchandisers, shippers, and carriers. We offer supply chain interruption services to stakeholders in the navigable waterways across America.