Our Solutions


We have the data to answer crucial questions for operators across the utility, power, shipping, and agricultural sectors. We aggregate, curate, and normalize data from thousands of sources critical for water resource modeling and risk assessment. Hydrologists, engineers, and utility managers all rely on our data to increase the speed and accuracy of their decisions. Contact us for a list of data sources, feeds, and pricing options.

Risk Assessment

We provide detailed, customized assessments of the true financial impact of droughts, floods, and other water-related phenomena on your business. Leveraging our proprietary risk engine, we can incorporate large volumes of relevant data into our analyses in a fraction of the time required by traditional studies. We provide critical analysis for capital decisions, risk management, and conservation planning.

Risk Transfer

Financial risk mitigation is a critical component of any business’s water management plan - but traditional insurance doesn’t always cover water-related losses. We develop targeted risk transfer products, such as insurance, to alleviate the financial impact of severe hydrologic conditions. Our policies are designed to pay out when you need it most, without a complicated claims process.