Weather Risk Transfer

Water and wastewater utilities of all sizes face significant cash management and budgeting challenges during extended droughts and wet periods.

Lotic Labs' Weather Risk Transfer provides utilities with financial relief that protects against lost revenues during times of drought and extreme precipitation.


Threats to Financial Performance


Water supply disruptions from drought can force consumption curtailments that destroy demand and lead to lost revenues.



Extended periods of rain and cool weather in the spring and summer can drastically impact revenues that are dependent on residential and commercial irrigation demand.



The Cost of Traditional Solutions

Faced with financial losses, operators deplete cash reserves, cut budgets, and defer critical maintenance.


Decreases liquidity and financial stability


Disrupts staffing, projects & initiatives


Jeopardizes system integrity



Risk Transfer Benefits

Protecting revenue shortfalls using Weather Risk Transfer reduces strain on cash reserves, makes budget cuts less necessary, and frees up capital for critical maintenance.

Beyond achieving operational and financial stability, each of these benefits can help improve a utility’s creditworthiness to lower the cost of debt.


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